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Hello! My name is Mei and I have been baking at home and professionally all of my life. My first baking memory was when I was 6 years old helping my mom roll cookies during Christmas time. These early moments in the kitchen sparked a love for the craft and I went on to attend pastry school, train in France, and work in multiple 5 star 5 diamond resorts, cake shops, bakeries, and restaurants. 

Desserts have been an integral part of my life and the hallmark of every birthday, holiday, and major celebration. More than eating desserts, I love sharing them with others and being a part of the milestones in my clients' big and small moments.


My desserts are consistent, high quality, and handcrafted with care. They have been professionally honed to deliver delicious and lasting memories. I hope my desserts bring a bit of sweetness to all of life's special moments as well as the days in between. Thank you for joining me and supporting me on this journey. Cheers!

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